August 28, 2018

Planned Parenthood Lists ‘7 Ways to Be Gender-Inclusive in Your Language’

To celebrate “Trans Awareness Week,” abortion giant Planned Parenthood has released seven linguistic tips to help gender-sensitive individuals use terms that will not offend members of the LGBTQ “community.”

Partnering with GLAAD — formerly the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation — Planned Parenthood has taken political correctness to a new level, leaving behind feminist inclusivity to remove all references to men or women out respect of for those who are neither.

Thus, the self-anointed language police have determined that “boys and girls” should give way to the more generic “children,” while “his or her” should now be the more capacious (but numerically suspect) “their.”

In their “Beyond the Binary” campaign, Planned Parenthood not only proposes ousting male-leaning terms like “guys” in favor of the more open-ended “folks,” but they suggest that any limitation of human beings to the restrictive categories of male and female is inappropriate.

So, “the lady in the red shirt” should now be phrased, “the person in the red shirt,” presumably to prevent people from thinking that a person’s gender is inferable from “their” biological sex.

“Brothers and sisters” should simply be “siblings,” while “ladies and gentlemen” should be “distinguished guests,” in case one or more of such guests has trouble identifying as one or the other.

Even when addressing a homogeneous group of all men or all women, gendered terms should be avoided, and instead, the all-inclusive “everyone” should be used.

With its cheery backdrop of multi-colored condoms, one could almost forget that Planned Parenthood’s chief business is killing little children in their mothers’ wombs.

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July 15, 2018

Winning! U.S. Manufacturing Output Comes in Stronger than Expected

U.S. factories are operating at a higher level than previously thought.

U.S. manufacturing output increased in October, the Federal Reserve said on Friday. This was the fifth straight monthly output increase.

The Federal Reserve said manufacturing production rose 0.3 percent last month. Data for September was revised up to 0.3 percent from the 0.2 percent previously reported.

Economists forecast manufacturing output rising 0.2 percent in October.

Excluding the auto sector, manufacturing gained a solid 0.5 percent last month, boosted by a strong increase in the output of business equipment. That suggests businesses are continuing to invest and expand.

The auto sector has weakened recently. Motor vehicle production slumped 2.8 percent after rising 1.3 percent in September.

Mining, which has been a consistent source of strength, slipped 0.3 percent. Oil and gas drilling, which had been weakening for three months running, rebounded with a 1.6 percent expansion.

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